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We provide the following services using our Ecomond TCS Solutions and long experience.

Routing as a Service (RaaS)

We make routing services to our customers using Ecomond TCS Optimisation. This is usually for strategic planning for high level decision making. Once the decisions of Company structure have been done we will create operational routings for every individual route and resource.

Ecomond Logistic Efficiency Test (LET)

LET is our answer to your question if the operations are managed in the most optimal way. You will provide us with your historical operational data and we compare it with Ecomond TCS Optimisation to make different versions to find out your savings potential.

Ecomond Requirement Study

Our skilled professionals will make a deep analysis of Customer current IT structure and how to improve it with our Ecomond TCS Solutions or other Software. This combined with Ecomond LET will give you understanding of the potential savings, costs and other needs.


Our skilled team of professionals give training to our customers and partners from roll out training to train the trainee super users

Routing as a Service (RaaS) Ecomond Logistic Efficiency Test Training