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TCS TerminalTCS increases the fastness and reliability into pickup and delivery, as well as into freight and transportation. The solution is suitable for any kind of transportation. With TCS the pickup and delivery times are under strict control. It is also possible to show the customer over the web estimated time of arrival of the vehicle.

TCS is built to suit any kind of logistics solutions and it is also supporting multiple languages. The benefits gained are not limited to the company using TCS, but also their employees, customers and environment will gain remarkable benefits. On top of the basic features TCS contains following industry specific features:

Transportation - Dispatcher on time

TCS Opti - Ecomond oyBy introducing TCS remarkable increase in efficiency can be achieved. When using TCS the dispatcher/customer service has very good information about the current situation and can then provide customers services with much more accurate schedule. By better control and follow up the customer service will be improved a lot. The other benefits in pickup and delivery business as well as freight are following:

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