TCS OPTI - Route logistics Optimization

Many organisations are facing constant pressure of improving their efficiency while the demands for quality and efficiency are increasing. The pressure is increasing also because of environmental aspects and rising fuel prices.

Before modern tools like TCS the operational logistics processes were managed by pen and paper and in the best case with MS Excel. Today the optimization of operations provides excellent tools to improve efficiency and minimize costs whilst maximizing resource utilization and improving customer service.

TCS OPTI is a tool for demanding planning and optimization of routes, resources and schedules. The solution has numerous constraints which are tested in real customer cases. Typically customers have reported savings from 10 to 35% when using TCS OPTI.

Daily and real time optimization

TCS OPTI can be used to optimize the daily task lists, routes and schedules automatically. TCS OPTI and TCS Office form an integrated solution where planning (Optimization), real time management and follow up is done efficiently and user friendly in one solution

TCS Simulation

TCS OPTI can be used for simulation of different alternatives very easily and compare the costs and resources needed in those. Typically simulation is done on different number or type of vehicles available, priority, number of shifts, time windows, costs and terminal locations.

TCS Opti - Ecomond Ltd

 Route optimization benefits:

  • Comparing different operational solutions
  • Savings achieved by improving the operational efficiency
  • Time saved in planning and dispatching
  • Resource demand goes down because of improved utilization
  • Better routes and more constant travel and delivery times
  • Improved utilisation of the vehicles
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster reaction to changing situations
  • Automatisation of the Task Management (together with TSC office and TCS Mobile)

 Typical use of TCS OPTI:

  • Comparing different operational solutions
  • Optimizing routes and schedules
  • Periodical optimisation
  • Dynamic optimization and real time task management
  • Optimizing the resources (staff and vehicles) demand
  • Comparing different constraints like time windows
  • Working tie constraints like minimum and maximum time of shift
  • Road network
  • Capacity constraints of the vehicles
  • Reverse logistics
  • Vehicle, customer, order or warehouse specific time windows
  • Correspondence between vehicle and product type
  • Correspondence between vehicle and customer route point
  • Coffee and lunch breaks etc.
  • Special demands of the tasks or vehicles
  • Taking into account location of traffic constraints
  • Time limitations of delivery/pick up/tasks


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