TCS - Transport Control System

TCS is a complete solution covering all areas of task/order management consisting of Server-, Office- and Mobile Solutions as well as specific solutions taking care of communications and location services. TCS System is used in for example at waste management, security, installation and maintenance, collection and delivery as well as freight in managing and planning.

When using TCS in planning and managing the operations the customers have achieved remarkable savings. With electronic system printing papers and saving changes manually has disappeared saving a lot of time in the office. The drivers and field workers have correct information and guidance saving their time and making them more efficient. The tasklists can be optimized maximizing the utilization of resources and minimizing costs.

TCS - Terminal

TCS - ajoneuvosovellusTCS Mobile is designed for drivers and other field workers to access TCS. The rules for showing task lists can be individually set for drivers or subcontractors to match the operational demands.

Each user can set their own favorites and settings to suit their personal demands. Marking work to be done or any exceptions, changes in amount or comments is very easy in TCS Mobile. The user sees all his/hers tasks either on list or on map in real time.

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 The Main Advantages Of TCS:

  • TCS System's main functionalities
  • Task management and dispatching
  • Task/resource follow up on map
  • Task/resource management
  • Transmitting Electronic Information
  • Control of material flow
  • Electronic task lists
  • Managing and reading bar-code's and RFID
  • Working time control and reporting
  • Adding new tasks to a list on real time
  • Task follow up and managing on real time
  • Automatically saving of weight or temperature measurement data
  • Wireless data transfer between office and vehicle
  • Monitoring the efficiency of Operations
  • Invoicing-, refunding-, payroll- etc Information will be automatically moved to Back Office solutions
  • Versatile reports


TCS - Office

TCS  - WebOfficeTCS  - WebOfficeTCS Office is a web based solution which is developed for the customer service and dispatchers use. The solution covers the whole process for Task Management from orders, shifts, resources, users to manage them and follow up. TCS Office makes it very easy to control the operations and customer service without any papers thus saving a lot of additional work in the office and improving customer service. The status of operations is visible in list or map view which allows constant control.

TCS - Mobile

TCS Mobile increases efficiency in in the field by having the real time information constantly available. It makes also possible to read RFID or bar-codes from the customer locations. For each customer case the most suitable mobile device is selected together with Ecomond's professionals to match the demands. Inside the same company different kinds of mobile units can be used in different operations.


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