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With the help of the TCS system, your company is constantly up-to-date with unfinished installation tasks on the field. The system enhances work scheduling, working time and asset management with real-time ERP and tracking capabilities. Audit reports can be generated directly from the field and the dates of possible further visits can be agreed at site.

Tasks can be automatically sorted according to urgency and priority, depending on the characteristics of the personnel or even based on faults. The system also makes it easier for the field staff to work, the technician can clearly see the installation and unloading of the item on the map and get directions quickly.

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With the help of the TCS system you will be able to improve customer service and significantly enhance the various functions. Benefits of using the system include,

  • Automated task assignments in real-time
  • Labeling the starting and ending of dangerous work
  • No more manual recording of jobs in the office
  • Possibility to produce review reports directly from employees
  • Higher efficiency in task monitoring
  • Faster response to changing service needs and possible follow-up visits
  • Reliable service to ensure customer satisfaction.