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With TCS, your company is constantly up-to-date, on-going and up-to-date on customer tasks. The system enhances workflow planning, working time in the office and on the ground, and managing the number of personnel through real-time resource management and tracking features.

Tasks can be automatically sorted according to urgency, creating an exact timetable for them, anticipating the time needed for the transition and specifying the features required for the task from the staff and equipment. The system also facilitates staff work, task markings are quick to do and the system displays mapping on the following items and routes.

The TCS system is able to improve customer service and significantly enhance the various functions. Benefits of using the system include:

  • easier the task markup and realizing it
  • more effective monitoring of tasks
  • faster response to changing service needs and timetables
  • this system saves time on important work stages
  • reliable service increases customer satisfaction.
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