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The TCS system provides significant cost savings and benefits for transport within the environmental sector:

  • Visual and real-time transport planning and driving arrangements
  • Automatic transfer of electronic collection data to the invoicing system
  • Integration into vehicle weighing system and electronic identification of waste bins
  • Real-time tracking of the collection and faster response to different needs
  • Comprehensive versatility of operations and
  • versatile overall tracking of operations
  • Facilitating the driver's work and improving the quality of work.

The system automates collecting data. Task lists are in electronic format and items can be added, deleted, or modified as you go. The tasks performed by the driver automatically switch to billing criteria. Information stored in the TCS system can be used, for example:

- To review possible duplicate collection paths
- To review possible duplicate collection paths
- Tracking of the collection path order
- Monitoring of collecting tasks
- Monitoring of regional disparities in waste management and
- monitoring of collection equipment.

When using the TCS system, driving routes can be optimized by means of electronic driving guides and visual designs. A mobile application guides the driver through a graphical map interface to collecting and dispensing points as well as loading and emptying points. They also serve as a communication channel between the vehicle, the driver, the transport coordinator and the office.

The management of the transport company, the customer service and, when necessary, the municipal waste management are able to follow the collections and vehicles in real time. This system can be used to control and monitor the working time of drivers, driving times, customer visits and maintenance needs.

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